Sarian Mobolade

Character Designer  &  2D Flash Builder

Professional Experience

Copernicus Studios 2D Builds Artist| May 2020-August 2020


•  Created 2D props for the show Curious George, as assigned by my Builds Supervisor

•  Devised creative solutions to troubleshoot problems that arose with builds

•  Adjusted designs as needed for builds

•  Asked appropriate questions to understand and complete the builds assigned

SmashBits Animation Studio Character Designer and Lead Builds Artist | March 2020-June 2020


•  Worked closely with my colleagues to design the main cast, turnarounds, and expressions sheets

•  Oversaw the creation of builds as the lead builder and ensured designs were followed and builds tested

•  Edited designs as needed to keep characters consistent with the style of the production

•  Designed replacement mouths, hands, and eye blinks for characters as needed

Art and Animation Tutor |September 2019-Present

•  Tutored students of various levels and ages in character design, 2D character building, and animation

•  Explained complex animation topics in simple terms

•  Critiqued student work and instruction on how to improve their designs

DDLocks Studios Character Designer |September 2017 - Present

•  Produced character designs, turnarounds, and character lineups for clients
•  Aligned my style to support the needs of the production and quality and style of the show

•  Ensured that all designs were completed to my client's specifications to create engaging characters

•  Clients include Low Brow Studios and In Touch Ministries

Computer Software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Box Sync, Moho 13, Toon Boom Harmony

Professional Skills

Character Design,  2D Building, Art Tutor,  Scene Planning,  2D and 3D Character Animation, Storyboarding




Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation | June 2018                                                                                                         

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