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Sarian Mobolade
Character Designer  

Professional Experience


Dreambox Learning Contract 2D Artist | May 2022- June 2023

•  Lead the design process for creating a set of collectible creatures

•  Spearheaded the design process for multiple engagement features

•  Collaborated with the UX and Developer teams to create and implement 2D vector assets

•  Facilitated cross-team collaboration to ensure all components were communicated clearly and frequently

•  Executed the designs of UX artists and ensured all functionality was implemented and documented


Cognitive Leap Solutions Inc. Animation and Illustration Consultant | February 2022-May 2022

•  Created 2D Vector Assets for animated content and interactive media
•  Collaborated with my team lead to troubleshoot issues within our 2D pipeline
•  Work-shopped solutions with the Unity team to create assets
•  Animated shots using vector rigs in After Effects

NewScape Studios After Effects Puppet Animator| February 2021-December 2021

•  Animated 2D assets in Adobe After Effects while tracking all art assets and files

•  Instructed my team on best practices for creating 2D rigs

Copernicus Studios Contract 2D Builds Artist | May 2020-August 2020


• Created 2D props for the show Curious George, as assigned by my Builds Supervisor
• Reviewed storboards for props that needed to be built and adjusted past props to fit production needs

SmashBits Animation Studio Character Designer and Lead Builds Artist | March 2020-June 2020                                                                                                                                                       

•  Oversaw the creation of builds as the lead builder and ensured the builders followed all designs

•  Created and managed character sheets and design guidelines for both in-house and freelance artists

DDLocks Studio Character Designer |September 2017 - Present

•Lead Character Designer for the indie film Limelight, creating character turnarounds and draw overs
•Produced characters for clients including Hero 4 Hire Creative, Low Brow Studios, Omnia Media

Technical Software

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Jira, Git Bash, Visual Studio Code




Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation                                                                                                        

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