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2D Builder Demo Reel 2023

Client Work

Dad Build: Intergalactic Pizza Delivery Guy

Client: OctoPie Studios

Arnold Rig

A rig I created while interning with SmashBits LLC. I was tasked to create a simple rig based on the design by the character designer. This character only appears in a few scenes and did not need to be fully articulated like the rest of the cast.

A scene showcasing my rig in full animation from the Youtube show Intergalactic Pizza Deliver Guy. Animation proved by SmashBits LLC.

Queen Kate Rig: Through the Irish Fairy Doors

Client: Wild Brain Spark

Queen Kate From Irish Fairy Doors
Queen Kate Rig Turnaround

A rig I created during my internship with SmashBits. I was tasked with making the full rig for the animated series Irish Fairy Doors for Wild Brain Spark's YouTube channel. Head controllers were used, making it easier for the animators to control movements.

Personal Build Projects

The Witch.PNG
Raging Rubilite
Raging Rubilite Rig

Builds made for personal use from characters I designed 

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